Can I sell items on the platform?

Not directly, but you can link to your web store.

Can wholesalers/ distributors join?

Yes! Like all members, you must be based in New England.

Do I need to have my own business website to become a member?

No. It’s not required.

Does this site work for B2B or wholesalers?

Absolutely! If you only sell wholesale, here’s what you do:

Select your business categories. Then, tag your page by selecting ‘wholesale’ as an Amenity. When people search on the directory listing page they can check the amenity ‘wholesale’ and this will narrow down their search to wholesale businesses. You can also add the word wholesale to your description to make it even more searchable.

How do I edit and control my account & webpage?

Once you sign up, a new drop down menu will appear at the top of the screen. This will allow you to edit your account, your web page, add your own avatar, and engage with others on the site.

You can also read about How It Works for Members and How it Works for Friends.

How does becoming a member differ from having my own website or using social media?

It’s different because:

  • membership helps to unite New England food into a single digital space.
  • bringing the food community together makes us stronger and more competitive as a region.
  • you’re helping to support and grow the New England food community.
  • the entire site can be promoted. It doesn’t pit businesses against each other.
  • people don’t have to scroll through a million posts, tweets or photos to understand what you do.
  • people don’t need to be signed in to learn more about your business.
  • when you create a business listing on this site, your business is showcased alongside other fantastic New England regional food businesses, making it easier for consumers and other businesses to find you.
  • your business listing is searchable by key word. This means if you add “just picked strawberries” to your description and someone is looking for strawberries, they can find you.
  • the site uses geolocation making it easy for customers to find you when they’re nearby.
  • customers can engage with your business and businesses can connect with each other.
  • it’s like your website on steroids.

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How does this differ from social media?

Fresh New England is specifically designed for New England food businesses. You’ll reach a targeted audience that cares deeply about supporting the New England food community and you can share your business away from the noise of social media. No more worries about constantly changing algorithms, clogged feeds with sponsors/news/politics, etc. Plus, you can easily maintain your site at your convenience.

How often do I need to update my listing?

There are no rules on how often you need to update your listing. As with any business marketing, we recommend that you keep your information current.

I need to specify my delivery area and I’d like to be able to upload a photo of our delivery area map. Can I do that?

You bet! Just enter the information under “Our Delivery Area” and upload your map on the web page builder.

Is any content restricted on the site?

Yes. This site is designed to help people find local food in New England. If your content is unrelated to this purpose or violates the Community Rules or privacy, copyright or terms of use, it will be removed. We reserve the right to limit, suspend, deactivate, or cancel a member account without warning or refund if they violate our policies.

Is this like Yelp?

This isn’t Yelp. It isn’t Trip Advisor. We’re building a community. We’re bringing everyone together into a single digital space and sharing it with the world. We also offer a lot of member benefits and we hope to grow those over time as well!


What do I do if my business falls into more than one category?

No worries. You can select more than one category in the drop down menu when you make your web page. Also, any key words you add to your business description are searchable!

What form of payment do you accept? Is my payment secure?

You can pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and Discover.

We partner with third-party payment processor, Stripe, to process your payments, so your credit card numbers never enter our system. Stripe has the most stringent level of security available (PC Service Provider Level I).

As an additional measure, Fresh New England ® also maintains it’s own SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). SSL is the technology that keeps internet connections secure and safe from prying eyes.

What if we have more than one location?

You have 2 choices:

1. Purchase a separate membership for each location. Each manager will get their own username and password so they can update their page as needed.

2. List only one location and link to a list of other locations in the field “Where to Find Us”

Who is funding this project?

We are! We’re a locally owned business just like you.